As everything has its place everything has a story. Where heritage meets contemporary design to create depth warmth and quality. Casa Muñoz crafts interiors that are formed through a curator´s perspective.

Behind Casa Muñoz are Mafalda Muñoz and Gonzalo Machado, partners in life and work, whose inquisitive natures dovetail on heritage, history, creativity and impassioned architecture and design, a subject that is the central aspect of their vision: to create spaces and furniture that are not only functional but also have a soul. Whether in interior architecture, design or decoration, they respect the extant while expressing a cultivated language enlightened by proportion, scale and harmony. Their approach prioritizes depth, solidity, and precision over the superfluous.

In 2014, Casa Muñoz started shaping projects across Madrid, New York, London, Paris, Milan, Gstaad, Montreal, Basel, Tuscany, Virgin Islands and beyond.

Gonzalo and Mafalda are also designers of furniture and lighting, catering to individual clients and contributing to their shop and gallery, Machado-Muñoz. They are also dealers in antiques, and pieces by other designers and artists.

These three pursuits seamlessly complement one another, particularly because Gonzalo and Mafalda firmly believe in the fusion of the old and the new, a strong characteristic of their style as designers.

Casa Muñoz comprises a professional team equipped with the expertise to blend technical processes with artistic vision, led by the studio’s founders. Our workshops and collaborators are consistently challenged to uphold the highest standards of quality.

To see a selection of their work, thoughts, and inspiration, find Casa Muñoz on Instagram. If you would like to discuss a commission or request a portfolio, please get in touch.

Other Projects

Our gallery, Machado-Muñoz, dedicated to showcasing design and contemporary furniture.
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Our furniture brand, DARRO, a producer of furniture reborn from Spanish modernist origins.
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